Empowering visual strategy

Through both visual and auditory experiences, we encapsulate the essence of a brand and leave the viewer resonating with a relevant and authentic message. In order to engage the audience and deliver your vision, we seek to answer these questions before we get started.  


What are the main points you want to cover in this video? Do you want to focus on a particular product or service?


Who is the ideal viewer you are trying to engage and why do you want them watching your video ? What's the takeaway? 


What type of video are you trying to have produced?  This will determine multiple elements of the production process. 


What story are we telling and how are we telling it? The script sets the tone of the entire video and production process. 


Does this video need to be shot  somewhere specific? Locations act as an establishing visual element and sets other critical non verbal cues. 


Talent, styling and other production hard costs increase the production value. Allotting budgets in these areas, big or small, assist the overall vision. 


Post editing is where the story comes to life. In addition, what elements can be more easily understood if special FX are applied? 


How do you need the video delivered and what's your method for viability? Do you need the video hosted for easy publication on multiple sites? 


Do you need analytics? Tracking visibility and engagement of your video paves a roadmap for content to create next.