Wedding Stories 

If you've had a wedding and didn't document it, you know how time flies and you wish you could see the details and relive all the special moments again. It's one day, you should have it for a lifetime. 

The documentary style approach we take with wedding videos captures the essence of the day. Think of us as 'dad' from the 90's with a large camcorder always rolling. Our goal is to not interfere , but to capture. We have been fortunate enough to travel to some of our favorite places to film some incredible people. 

We stitch the day together for you to watch with each other on anniversaries, with family, or even through the eyes of your children years from now. There have been many times we have been told that these videos become move valuable with time and keeps the memories vivid. Below are some of the of those moments.

Featured Weddings 

Docu-Short Breakdown



From both stylistic to tactical, let's sit down and talk. Who are you as a couple? What's your style? What's the backdrop of your wedding? What's the timeline and details?


Two of us will spend 8 hours from prep to reception capturing the big day. We will have two maned cameras, onboard audio and a drone. We work seamlessly with photographers and can coordinate as needed. 

Post Production

This is where we thread together the story. Once we finalize the edit,  a 1 minute highlight reel will be created. Each story is different and that can adjust the video length. We find the final docu-short falls between 11-16 minutes. 

Additional Crew

Each additional crew member for the day can be bid out as needed for the event.

Travel costs

Cost for travel can quoted out upon request.  All are pass through costs and only for travel and lodging. 

Additional Hours

Additional hours for filming on the wedding day or for the rehearsal dinner can be bid upon request.